Drinking Games Part 1: My HIDDEN Talent

Posted: 30 April, 2011 in Drinking Games

Itunes Shuffle says: “Gotta Gettaway”  Stiff Little Fingers, All The Best

Before I get into the meat of this subject, I feel I should answer the unasked question “why does he have a whole section of his blog dedicated to drinking games?” Let me begin answering that question with a short anecdote.

The idea for giving drinking games a whole subheading on the blog came from a place of employment of mine (the name of which I won’t mention for a variety of legal and professional reasons).  Anyhoo, in their front office ‘waiting area’ type place there is everything you would expect from this sort of…place: books for suggested reading, comfy chairs, coffee table, soothing colours and pictures that aren’t really of anything relevant, etc… however there is also this glass bowl filled with folded orange pieces of paper each of which has a question written on the inside.  The bright color makes it so that when you sit down the first thing you do is grab one of these strange little whatsits and take a look.  The point, of course, is for people use them as conversation starters.  Among the questions are: “where is the stranges place you have ever had to spend the night?”; “What is your favorite childhood memory?”; and, the one that led to this post, “What is your Hidden talent?”

My answer: I can turn ANYTHING into a drinking game.

That’s so cool, Ranter! However, did you acquire such a talent? Well, I’m glad I asked that. Let’s explore.

My history with creating drinking games stretches all the way back to my High School Days at my dear alma mater Bishop  Lynch.  It all started when attending the monthly mass.  The bishop of Dallas at the time, Charles Grahmann was guest starring as the priest.  Now, any Catholic in Dallas at that time was extensively familiar with Grahmann’s famously long, droning homilies all of which seemed to revolve around one subject, young people (which is not without a hint of irony as Grahmann was infamous for his failure to take action against alleged sex offenders in the priesthood). No matter what passages of scripture was being read that day, it seemed he could always make it about young people or World Youth Day.  His voice also had this very specific cadence that made his catchphrases even more, well, catchy. Each year he served mass at every Catholic school in the diocese of Dallas, so each year  my friends and I could always look forward to sitting through another one of his lectures.  Thus, my junior year of high school, the Bishop Grahmann drinking game was born.

If you want to play along at home, look under the “Drinking Games” section to see the official rules of the Bishop Grahmann drinking game.

To be continued, so keep watchin’  sports fans


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