Chaos Theory: 30 April

Posted: 1 May, 2011 in Reviews, Theatrical
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iTunes Shuffle says: “Joe Cool” by Vince Guaraldi Trio, Charlie Brown’s Holiday Hits

It got warm out and quick. Though I am still walking around outside it a jacket.  I guess after spending so many summers in Texas it might be impossible for me to be hot in Chicago.

Hit up IO tonight and last and here’s the rundown.

Last night I caught the 1030 Shakespeare.  I was joined by my roommate – who I have not mentioned before, so let’s just call her Lorlor (because she has shown up in fiction under that name).  Not their best show, but Lor was blown away which just goes to show exactly how fucking good they are.  Something in their dialogue kept missing each other and their plot struture was sloppy, but as with most improv it’s a little hard to put my finger on the specifics.

I missed the 8pm Del Tones, which I still have yet to see, but it is on my list for next week.   I did get to the 1030 Chaos Theory, which sports my very own Tara Difransico (my teacher at iO).  Dart opened for them, which they did last time and I don’t know why but I’m just not sold on them. They seem very studenty to me.  It wasn’t terrible, but one of the members came from another group called 1, 2, 3, Fag! who I saw last January and enjoyed immensely.  There was a moment when two of the player just kept shutting each other down and no one jumped in.  One stated he needed the other for a human sacrifice and the other responded by telling him that ‘no you don’t.  I’m pretty sure you don’t need me.’  after that, the ginger fellow seemed to not know where to take the scene and the two just floundered there for what felt like about a minute and a half.

Chaos Theory was great, especially the subplot in which Tara seduces a guy eating tainted pretzels and another involving the seduction of an easily upsettable Weather.  I kept clocking her uses of tactics she mentions in class.  What I see most is her speaking her subtext (or rather lack there of) and always diving straight into the heart of a scene rather than pussyfooting around it.  Can’t wait to talk about it tomorrow.

After the show, a guy roughly resembling a dirty, dirty blonde carrot top sits down next to me at the bar.
-Hey, you look like a comedian
-Uh, ok… Thanks?
Beat. I return to my drink, say goodbye to a classmate and check a text message.  He hasn’t stopped starring at me.
-Are you?
-A comedian?
-Am I a comedian?
-Yeah, he continues to stare, but isn’t making eye contact, like is eyes are locked on my chest despite the total lack of cleavage.
– On my better days.
-You do stand up?
-Sure, why not?
-Tell me where I can do some.  Like an open mic.  I gotta do some before I leave Monday.
I tell him I don’t really know what he’s looking for and try to slink my way out of the conversation, but he keeps up the conversation on his own, asking if he could do his stand up on the cabaret stage. All told, it was just a strange chat.

I’m home early now. I meant to stick around and see a former schoolmate’s fiance perform in her group Inklings, but took a powder when I realized that they were just hosting the jam, which is always a real hit or miss (mostly miss).

Take care TV land!


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