Daily Droppings

Posted: 2 May, 2011 in Daily Droppings

This is just a side project of mine to keep myself sharp, something like a new years resolution.

In improv we had a something we called ‘clearing out the chute’.  As every guy who has ever been on a date knows, you never go out loaded and half cocked.  It’s just not safe.  So before every show we’d warm up by doing some random scenes in private, that way we get anything lying around in our heads that might make for a bad gig out of our system before anyone is watching.  I try to do this with writing.

In my office at home I have a typewriter.  While some people see this pieces of machinery as antiquated, useless, or even perhaps wannabe-hipster-styled-vintage, I find it extremely helpful.  I spend most of my day within 2o feet of my computer. It’s liquid crystalline display beams at me, beckoning me to come play with it. My email inbox and the white board next to my desk fill up with stacks of tasks.  There are so many things to do I give up on them all and watch hulu or read web comics or browse facebook instead.  The typewriter sits on my desk as a reminder that the best way for me to get shit done, is to shut my laptop and pull out an empty legal pad or a notebook, write a title at the top and just begin.

So every day I try to hammer out at least a page on my typewriter and just see what comes out, clearing my scene shoot for the day if you will. Most of it is probably be total crap and nothing else, but I figure making myself post them will at least get me writing more.  Some of you may have seen some of these on Facebook or on the fridge at the treehouse which is where I started was posting these almost a year ago.

Anyhoo, on to the shit…


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