What’s with Today, Today?

Posted: 5 May, 2011 in Musical, Reviews
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Shuffle says: “What’s With Terry?” The Undertones, HypnotizedYouTube – The Undertones “What’s With Terry”.

I must be honest, this post has nothing to do with one of my favorite films Empire records.  Today I started getting in touch with my technological side.  I spent close to an hour or so figuring out what RSS is and how to use it.  I figure now that I got a blog and I’m rockin the iPod, I might as well go whole hog to join the new decade and now I am attempting to decipher the twitter. I also learned to check my blog’s stats, got myself a google account, and read through a whole bunch of WP’s help pages

What really made me want to post, however, was discovering two new bands.  The first is an old Scottish punk group called Skids, whose album Scared to Dance I bought ages ago and totally forgot about until I stumbled across it whilst going through iTunes this week trying to purge the excess out of my music library. There is some seriously good stuff on there, including “The Saints are Coming” which I also discovered was unfortunately covered by my arch nemesis Bono and Billy Joel of Green Day.  The other is a Rastafarian Punk band, Bad Brains. Frank Turner did a cover of this on his First Three Years album which I just spent the past half hour reverse engineering for my own self, mostly because I’m pretty sure he’s playing in drop D or DADGAD.  As you can tell, the original is quite different, YouTube – Bad Brains-Pay to Cum.  The lyrics are killer and I’m definitely going to have to get the rest of the album to see what else they got.  Turner’s cover, though, I feel is a testament to how awesome and powerful cover’s can be.


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