I realize that in my haste to populate the new blog with a variety of subject matters I have yet to make good on my promissory to provide the aboriginal game of imbibery that set me upon my unending trek of developing an unending and constantly improving supply of enjoyable games for the drinking pleasure of all the peoples of the world.

So here it is, going out with love to all you Dallas based Catholics.

The Charles Grahmann Drinking Game

This game is best enjoyed during a homily by means of secret drink brought to mass in one’s boot or breast pocket.

Take a drink when:

1 He says ‘young people’

2 He mentions World Youth Day

3 He says ‘and you know what [insert slightly out of date epithet here] means’

4 He reminisces upon a conversation he supposedly had with the Pope.

  1. Julie D. says:

    Gee, if only he were still the Dallas bishop or had been for several years. There hasn’t been the opportunity to drink, though he did drive many of us to the bottle during his time here.

    • yeah, unfortunately I was not a student under the diocese of Dallas under the new Irish guy, though if I get a chance to hear him speak I’ll get to work on that.

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