How I Met Your Mother

Posted: 13 May, 2011 in Drinking Games
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Shuffle Says: “My Generation” The Who, My Generation

This one took some refining, as the catchphrases don’t come up as often as you’d think.

Drink once anytime:

One of the following catchphrases are said: Awesome, Legendary, Suit Up(drink twice if it is a variant, ie ‘Wet suit up’), Have you met…, Kids…
There is a high-five
Ted is made fun of for being a girl
Lilly mentions sex
Robyn’s nationality is mocked

Rules for advanced players:

Drink every time Barney is rejected by a woman.
Drink twice every time Barney scores with a woman
Drink twice every time Bob Saget (AKA narrator, or old Ted) censors something from the story (ie sandwiches).
Start drinking when Barney begins “it’s going to be…” and don’t stop until he finishes saying “…dary”.
Finish your drink if  an episode begins in medias res.


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