Treehouse Adventures ???

Posted: 16 May, 2011 in Daily Droppings, Other
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This little piece was not started by me. I got to the typewriter one morning and the first line was already written. This is what followed:

Episode: ?

Today is the fourteenth of April in the tenth year of the second millennium of our Lord. So my stay here has continued far longer than I had intended. This strange collection of characters have taken on a far more interesting turn than I had imagined. This morning as I sit at my desk, which is really no more than a block of wood on the floor. I hear the trudging steps of Tooley, the former boessen from the SS I-don’t-really-remember. True to his sailing nature the fellow seems to be the one responsible for keeping the so-called Tree House(is it one word?) in pristine order. His yeas at sea are ingrained on his face, much of it covered by his great beard. With his shifting belly and sweeping shoulders he struck me as an Odinesque wanderer. His presence stood in flux. At any moment he might be gone once again for the sea, for weeks or even months at a time.

I attempt to keep to my room, a silent observer of this place. What a cast have assembled here: the Monk, The Sailor, The Artist, The Jester, and Josh, the oddly normal one.

There is something keeping them here it seems, some secret purpose which has yet to be revealed to me. I gather it has something to do with these nightly exploits of the group. Often a group of them will return at the strangest of hours off night smelling most foul of what I take to be some kind of chemicals.  I hesitate to inquire further in truth, fearing for my own safety. The only other time I asked on the subject, no one would speak with me for days; the entire house seeming to grow quieter and less occupied. I hope that in time they will trust me with this secret, but as I have already extend my stay this far, my hopes are fading.


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