Who Dat Doctor?

Posted: 19 May, 2011 in Reviews
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Shuffle says: “Thieves in the Night”Talib Kwali and Mos Def  Blackstar

So, I’m wondering if any of my mates have seen the latest episode of DR. Who. This week’s installment of the travels of the last Time Lord was written by Neil Gaiman as he has been prattling on about constantly on his blog.

This point here where I would usually review it, but I must confess to the dismay of many of my fellow nerds, I have never seen a single full episode of the BBC original program. I would jump in and watch it anyway, just because I’ll consume anything penned by the man, but I feel as though I’d be defiling something sacred.  Like a non-Catholic ingesting the bodily fluids of a god I don’t believe in.  It would just be rude and irreverent.

I’ve always found Dr. Who, whose numbers are many among my friends, to be a bit like Trekkies; fiercely loyal, strongly opinionated about story arcs, and somewhat intolerant of noobs with little or half-assed knowledge of the show.   The have favorite Doctors much in the same manner of a trekkie’s favorite captain – The ones I know tend to be David Tennant apostles, so much so that they refer to the latest Hamlet production as the “Dr. Who Hamlet” – and are well versed in the thousands of episodes and their intimate details.

I en’t had a working TV since I was in high school, so I don’t really possess the disposition for keeping current with television programs, but when I take an inpouring of universally rave reviews for a show, Like Firefly or The Wire, or Slings and Arrows I have to problem sitting down and watching the thing cover to cover, especially if the show is off the air and there’s an end in sight.

Knowing those that are, it seems I’d be right at home as fan of the good doctor, but every time I go to start watching the show I don’t know where to start.  From a continuity standpoint, looking in from the outside is hellish.

  1. Elizabolt says:

    Netflix has every series, with the obvious exception of the series in progress. As a devoted fan, I loved the episode both for Neil and for what it adds to the show. Brilliant.
    I, myself, am introducing someone to the show, so I understand the difficult decision of where to start. You really could start at the beginning of either series one or two (when Tennant took over). If you do decide to watch, let me know where you start and what you think.

  2. Shane Gannaway says:

    Good song, Shuffle.

    • I do believe you were the one who introduced me to said album.
      AND strangely enough, the first time I listened to the album all the way though I was with the young lady who commented earlier. Good times!

  3. Katie says:

    Mr. Tennant will always be my doctor. I sleep with my PILLOWMAN program he autographed tucked beneath my pillow.

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