The Gang Summons a Demon (part 1)

Posted: 21 May, 2011 in Daily Droppings, Other
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Shuffle says “The Likes Of You Again [acoustic]” Flogging Molly, Whiskey On A Sunday

Treehouse adventures
Episode: 4
The Gang Summons a Demon (part 1)

By Sunday Night I was on my last nerve. The whole business with Kylee’s alleged poltergeist was driving me up the wall. On the way home I couldn’t stop looking over my shoulder or in the rearview. I was absolutely certain that someone was following me. I took three different routes to get back to the house. Every time there was a truck behind me for more than a block I would make a turn. It was nearing half eleven and I could see raindrops collect on the windscreen. There would be a storm tonight, weather said, not the soft an gentle seemingly ceaseless rains I remember from home, but a fullout Texas-sized flash-flooding thunderstorm. Eighty-nine degrees already; the humidity tomorrow would be unbearable. A count of eight cars parked out front. Great, the gang’s all here.

From the steps of the back porch there could be heard the sounds of glass against glass.

Even better, they’ll all be drunk already. I found Austin and Bell were the only ones still downstairs.

—Everyone’s up in the room already, said Bell. —You ready for this whole shindig?

—Thrilled, I told her

—Drink first? Austin offered.

—Yeah, grand.

Austin poured me a solid glass of Maker’s and I fired it down fast as I possibly could.

—Long day, friend? he asked

I shook my head and started to follow them to the stair case. I stopped at the front windows. I stared out into the rain which had started to come on really steady now. I could still feel it, that presence which had followed me home tonight. This shit has got me seeing ghosts, I thought to myself. Though these ghosts sure as hell felt more real than anything the blockheads upstairs thought they might have seen or heard. I grabbed the bottle of Maker’s off the shelf and took a huge swig from the bottle then headed upstairs.

My room, being the largest, darkest, and most poorly lit of any in the house made it clearly the best choice for having our little ritual. I could smell the hookah burning before I opened the door.

— ‘bout fucking time, said Mike.

—Where’ve you been, man? asked Shane.

—Ahh! chill your britches, kids. I’m here ain’t I?

—So, if everybody’s here, can we start it now?

Kylee, oh how I wanted to shove something large and hard into that little gob of hers. This whole week had been a wreck with her little business with a ghost. I needed this fucking séance like I needed an asshole in my elbow, but mates are mates, you know, so instead of knocking a tooth out, I say.

—Grand, let’s start this thing.


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