A Game of Bro’s: HBO’s Latest Adventure Has Swords!

Posted: 4 June, 2011 in Reviews, Theatrical
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Shuffle says: “105” Guy Forsyth, Love Songs: For and Against

HBO has pulled another one out of its ass. Their recent adaptation of George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire has been making waves this season. The series titled A Game of Thrones (taken from the series’ first book) stars Boromir, the white mayor from The Wire, the dwarf that isn’t Vern Troyer, and mostly otherwise unknowns.  Despite that lack of experience, the acting and direction has been solid all around.  And in accordance with their established nature, the network misses no opportunity for blood or boobs.

I’ve long doubted the books, but I am becoming convinced that this may be the best possible medium for such an endeavour.  Those critical often cite the complexity and large ensemble as a weakness, though for a high-end serial format this is a strength.  There are no fewer characters with lesser connectedness than in their wildly successful Treme. The violence has been about on par with The Wire.  The epic scope is every bit as grand as The Sopranos.  Except they’re fighting for a continent the size of South America, rather than the island of Manhattan  (though the population is probably about the same).

I finally got to catch up this week with “You Win or You Die”. Both the swordplay and political maneuvering are fascinating to watch and the acting is superb (with headliner Sean Bean overshadowed by the performance of Peter Dinkle as Tyrion “the Imp” Lannister).

For all those who want to start from the beginning or are just looking forward to Sunday’s episode, I will be posting the official BAMFRant drinking game for HBO’s A Game of Thrones tomorrow, just in time for the evening’s episode.


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