Game of the Week: A Game of Thrones

Posted: 5 June, 2011 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle says: “Johnny B. Goode” The Grateful Dead

For a series so complex, I had to create a drinking game just a elaborate, filled with lots of “experts only” rules.
I would also like to mention that at the moment I am sitting at a cafe using the unprotected internet access of a network called “Casterly Rock”. Drink!

Drink once:
1. When Someone gets beheaded or has their throat slit.
2. For each time a whore gets fucked
3. Someone says “Iron Throne”
4. Anyone mentions the King’s drinking or infidelity
5. Arya acts like or is called a boy
6. when any Lannister acts like a dick.


7. The first person to yell “RAVEN!” when a raven appears on screen may force everyone else to drink

8: Everyone picks a house: every time someone says your house’s Name, Words, Sigil, or Home Town drink (for this rule consider “a Lannister always…” to be their House words).


Substitute rule 1 with “when anyone DIES”

Anytime Somone is called by an unpleasant nickname (ie Kingslayer, Imp, Bastard, Little Finger et al)

Substitute rule 2 for “every time you see a nipple.

Everyone drinks when someone mentions winter and twice if they say it is coming.

For rule 8, everyone plays every house.


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