The Igits Steal a Truck (part I)

Posted: 20 June, 2011 in Daily Droppings, Other
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Shuffle Says: “I Want a Girl Who Laugh for No One Else” Weezer

The Igits Steal a Truck (part I)

I double checked the street signs. Yep, this was the right place. I drummed my fingers against my thing, took out my cell phone again and checked the time. Right on. Where the fuck were they?
Two joggers moved swiftly up the street towards me. You know the type; Parkies, each with their own Ipod, Adidas runners in immaculate condition, short tight biking shorts, slightly over-tanned skin under a pink sports bra for Her, and a grey tank top from when he played sports in high school for Him. Her hair up in a ponytail and still one of those blue sweat bands around her forehead, yellow Livestrong bracelet on his wrist. I glanced down just in time to notice the odometer on her.
They’d probably go get coffee at the local Starbucks after their run, where he’d read the paper and she’d peruse the latest chick lit rag while gnawing on today’s special low-fat low-carb pastry. They would see ‘friends’ there; people from the neighborhood with kids in the same school, or who attended each other’s Christmas parties and attempted to outdo each other with Halloween decorations. They’d smile and shake hands, apologize for their sweatiness as a way of leading into a discussion about their most recent health craze – no doubt something that would involve products from Whole Foods after she had seen something on Oprah.
Then it’ll be back home where they’ll make fun of all the people they just met, laugh about how stiff this neighborhood is. They were so lucky that they were young and in love and once upon a time he had played guitar in a garage band in Austin that never got off the ground because the lead singer had to buckle down and study for his CPA exams. They’ll drink some kind of shake with lots of protein and anti-oxidants, then go upstairs and shower together. They’ll wash each other and forget all about the things they aren’t saying, the things done behind the other’s back.
As they Jogged closer and closer to me, I looked up and shot her a wink. She smiled. He didn’t even see me, his eyes intensely focused on the road ahead, his facial muscles taught, his perfectly sculpted biceps following his arms up and down. I could see him counting the calories he was burning in his head. The woman smiled and winked back.
I leaned against a lamppost and grinned to myself. Jesus, the last thing I should be doing is looking at anyone, attracting attention. I had no idea what Tyler’s call had meant, but I prayed he would arrive soon. I don’t exactly deflect suspicion in this part of town and Tyler wanting to meet here meant that nothing respectable could be afoot.
The squeal of tires breaking made me jerk my head. I strained to see the passengers through the tinted glass of the beautiful large midnight blue pickup. It had one of those light jobs on the top of the cab for hunting or something and it had a huge lift above its massive tires that made me think it was created for the purpose of crushing littler cars just because it could.
The horn blared at me and the window rolled down. Oh no.


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