Game of the Week: Around the Town of Lakewood

Posted: 22 June, 2011 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle says: “Daniel in the Lions Den”,  Deadwood: Music From the HBO Series

Some days I suspect I spend most of my time in the world of Chicago land, not really doing anything, but going from one place to another. I have quite a bit of difficulty staying in one particular place for any great length of time and so find myself constantly making excuses to move about. Let’s look at the walking schedule for a typical day:

My flat to the cafe .65 mi. The cafe to a hot dog stand for lunch . 75 mi. There to the library .4 mi (because I didn’t want to spend any more money to do my writing).  Library to my house for second lunch and to use the internet to post on my blog .3 mi.  To the hardware store to copy keys .25 mi. Then to the liquor store to pick up writing supplies .3 mi and then to the grocery to get milk .6 mi. To keep the milk from spoiling go home to put it in the fridge .5 mi. One more into the fray… that is to say a different cafe to write and wait for Lorlor to get off from work and have a drink/some kind of pastry with me .7 mi.  To home for dinner .7mi. Then off to the theatre for a rousing night of shenanigans and funniness.8mi.  A bar or to afterwards to wind down with the find people I met at the theatre .4mi. Then a round about route home to take in the night air before retiring for the evening .8 mi.

Someone else can do the math, but taking into account traffic and the leisurely pace at which I walk to most of these places, I’d say walking takes up a significant portion of my day. So it should be no surprise that out of all that hither and tithering I developed this week’s game. Now when I walk about my day, the trees are greener, the birds are friendlier, and the sidewalks are more crooked. Here it is, the Wrigley/Lakewood/Lincoln Park area drinking game. It’s pretty simple.

Drink once whenever you spot:

A Runner

A Stroller (for each child in the stroller)

Sox Paraphernalia

A game of Bags/Cornhole (once for each Dudebro playing)

A Dog

Expert rules:

Same rules, but each imperative to drink compounds exponentially (i.e. if some one is running AND walking a dog, you drink twice for the dog AND twice for the runner. So if you saw a runner pushing a twin stroller with a dog in tow you would drink a total of 16 times.)

  1. astroblastro says:

    Yes to public drinking.
    Can I drink if I see a policeman? And if so, how much?

  2. As always, feel free to modulate any game to fit your particular needs.

    • kcasey says:

      Perfect, in that case I also add:
      See someone else drinking on the street: toast them.
      See a policeman ticking someone for drinking on the street: toast them both.

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