Game of the Week: Battlestar Galactica

Posted: 7 July, 2011 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle Says: “Worn Out Shoe” Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, The Whole Fam Damnily

NOTE: this game is for the 21st century version of the television show.


Drink once whenever:
someone says “Frack”
Gaius get awkward because someone sees him talking or fondling his imaginary friend 6.
There is unspoken tension between Apollo and Starbuck or Adama Sr. and the President.
Someone drinks ambrosia

Pick a pilot, drink whenever they kill a toaster. Drink twice if it’s a ‘skin job’.

Whenever “condition one” is set throughout the ship, the first person to shout “action stations” can force everyone else to drink.

Finish your drink whenever a base star is destroyed.


Play as the Cylons!  Instead of picking a pilot, drink whenever a human dies.


Expert Rules:

Drink whenever a Cylon is “killed” (negate the pilot rule) and twice when a viper or raptor goes down.

Waterfall whenever a new Cylon is discovered. Do not stop drinking until the person in front of you shouts “He/She’s a Cylon!!!” (and yes, they have you have to use three exclamation points.)


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