Audio Update: Gay Day (or Gai Dai)

Posted: 11 July, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Shuffle says: “Feel Me, Touch Me”, Fastway, Fastway

Today’s post is sponsored Chicago PRIDE day, whose fairly entertaining mess I just got to walk though on my way home (again you’ll notice how this will probably not end up being posted when I write it). That and Neil Gaiman who just seems to be everywhere with this post.

Today is Yoga day! This is in accordance with the Neil Gaiman workout plan as I am calling it, which I spoke of sometime last week or so (though it really has very little to do with him, but the yoga today is reminding me of this picture he had posted on his wall a while back) for which I have been reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing which at the rate it’s going might rival No Country for my favorite of his so far. Today, however I took a little break, because Yoga runs about an hour and a half and instead of just doubling the amount of McCarthy I read, I listened to Kevin Smith interview Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer on his podcast Starfucking.

I ended up reading about because I had been checking out something about his 10th anniversary edition of American Gods (I did not end up auditioning for the Audio cast, by the by. Turns out, I hate the sound of my own voice) which has been expanded by about 12,000 words. After hearing the announcement I ended up reading about a quarter of the 600 page road trip epic before forcing myself to stop for fear of ruining my appetite for the new edition.

Understandably the new cast recording of the book will probably make its way onto my stack of audio to reads.


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