Lightning, Graves, and All that Follows (part 1)

Posted: 20 July, 2011 in Daily Droppings, Other
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We finally have quiet.  Leaning against the great stone, nothing but for the rattling of those cicadas that you never seem to see until they are nothing but empty shells stuck to the outsides of houses.


We’re far past time to be back with the others at Courier hall, but I’m far past caring.  She’s wearing my jacket.  It ain’t but late summer, but she’s after talking cold in the Kino, so I let her grab it from my room and now my arm draped across her shoulders I stroke the soft leather with my fingers and stare out at the fireflies.


She’s quieter than usual this evening.  I choose not to comment on it. I hope she knows I don’t begrudge a thing of her.  Not her leaving and not her quietude. Are they fireflies or lightning bugs? Musing on my word choice makes me think of that Mark Twain line, what was it?


“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning.”I guess it would work just as well as ‘firefly and fire’, or would that just be almost right?


Lightning bug-Lightning-Lightning in a bottle-Bottle of Smoke-The Pogues/smoke on the water-Deep Purple-Fire in the sky-Firefly.  That’s how my brain works. I think in patterns. Connections. Like there is this great big three-dimensional web of everything that you can travel on from thought to thought. I suppose that’s why some people always found most of my comments to be some kind of random non-sequiturs, especially in grade school.


Someone came in to class one day and gave us this test. We were supposed to come up with similarities between things. Like, what does a yard and a pound have in common? I of course said “they’re both places where dogs shit”.  And I got sent out of class.The answer was, ‘of course’, “they are both units of measurement.” Smoke on the Water reminds me of something we brought.


I go for the cigarettes case slipping my hand down into my jacked pocket. I squeeze her breast playfully on the way. She smiles and squirms and moves closer.  She takes the case from me, draws out a spliff and lights it.So few women can make smoking look sexy, you know what I mean like? With most guys, having a cigarette  burning in your hands somehow makes you look a little harder, a little cooler, but for women it mostly makes them look nasty.  But if they can pull it off, it makes them look dead fuckin sexy and no one can do it as well as her.  It just looks right.


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