Posted: 3 August, 2011 in Daily Droppings, Other
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[pulled this out of something I wrote last night for something else]


East now. On to the Southland.

The road rushing beneath us again, tearing faster and faster. Wheels scraping against the concrete two lanes, spinning so quickly that the ground can’t keep up with us. Stars whizz past us and we are in hyperspace. Particles of dust become meteors shooting stars and a billboard tells us we should pray and that will cure cancer.

We swerve past and around a moving houses on the road stating wide load. We got a three bedroom here with satellite laserbeam capabilities, beyond which we see nothing and take it on faith to make the pass.

Thank god there is nothing in the left of that two lane and we got on past and down the road. Soon we exit into the decent of night and after a pot of alligator stew we move on to the city.

The waitress was nice, pretty too, asked us if we wanted to join the festivities. Her people would jam in the woods with a thousand pounds of crayfish boiled in the finest of oils. Possible we say, but we press on to finish eight hours forward and there it is, the bridge. Mighty and strong as the rushing river beneath it. Rubber on metal and I think we should be followed by a second line of a thousand horns marching on nothing but starlight and Mississippi water.

See the blue delta to our right, the city lights ahead. This will be some choice kicks we say. Into the fray, trolleys left and right we thrive through the hung drawn and french passage soaked in virgin oak barrels. To find the house, old and boarded reminding us of its root. Not sleeping yet, not this city, not these citizens showered and redressed, the creole concierge gave us directions and I offered her a drink to which she replied in the affirmative. Rubber souls and asphalt streets, sweaty hands filled with open drinks that go and go and go…

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