A Resolute Update

Posted: 3 September, 2011 in Other, Uncategorized

[well fuck me I forgot the most important part]
Shuffle says: “Crucify” Tori Amos, Tales of a Librarian

More than six months into the new decade and the one real resolution I’ve managed to keep (not that I’m all that big on resolutions) is reading 52 books in a year. For those not keeping score at home that amounts to a book a week and so far it has worked out fairly well. To a large degree I’ve deviated from the original list (you can find it somewhere in the archives here), but the spirit remains the same.  I’ve just finished the tenth anniversary edition of American Gods  by Neil Gaiman and  am moments away from being through with Hunter S. Thomson’s Hells Angels; both of which I will have reviews for in the coming two weeks.

Next up, I’m continuing by two-wheeled journey with Sonny Barger’s (founder and former president of the Hell’s Angels Oakland chapter and central figure in Thompson’s book) Let’ Ride and I’m going to take a dip in the young adult section with Diana Wynne Jones’s Eight Days of Luke (if all goes well there I’ll be following it up with Howl’s Moving Castle)

See you soon


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