Quottage: Bikers vs Berkeley

Posted: 5 September, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“The Hell’s Angels’ Massive publicity – coming hard on the heels of the widely publicized student rebellion at Berkeley – was interpreted in the liberal-radical-intellectual circles as the signal of a natural alliance. Beyond that, the Angels’ aggressive, antisocial stance – their alienation, as it were – had a tremendous appeal for the more aesthetic Berkeley temperament. Students who could barely get up the nerve to sign a petition or to shoplift a candy bar were fascinated by tales of the Hell’s Angels ripping up towns and taking whatever they wanted. Most important, the Angels had a reputation for defying police, for successfully bucking authority, and to the frustrated student radical this was a powerful image indeed. The Angels didn’t masturbate, they raped.

They didn’t come on with theories and songs and quotations, but with noise and muscle and sheer balls.”

-Hunter S. Thompson Hell’s Angels 


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