Quottage: This So-Called American Way

Posted: 7 September, 2011 in Uncategorized

Shuffle says: “Orphan Girl”, Crooked Still Hop High

But in a society with no central motivation, so  far adrift and puzzled with itself that its President feels called upon to appoint a Committee on National Goals, a sense of alienation is likely to be very popular – especially among people young enough to shrug off the guilt they’re supposed to feel for deviation from a goal or purpose they never understood in the first place. Let the old people wallow in the shame of having failed. the laws they made to preserve a myth are no longer pertinent; the so-called American Way begins to seem like a dike made of cheap cement with many more leaks than the law has fingers to plug…

In the Great Society the Hell’s Angels and their ilk are losers – dropouts, failures, and malcontents. They are rejects looking for a way to get even with a world in which they are only a problem… The student radicals are rebelling against the past, while the Angels are fighting the future…They command a fascination, however reluctant, that borders on psychic masturbation.

-Hunter S. Thompson
Hell’s Angels

There’ will be one more of these while I get some other posts together.  This and the one that will follow are both from the final chapter which was so fantastic as to be truly difficult to just pick out one or two lines. For now, enjoy.

See you tomorrow, True believers.


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