scrabble notes

Posted: 10 September, 2011 in Uncategorized
My step father and I have been going rounds on scrabble lately. Durring one of our back and forths I sent him an email containing this:

“What I find so strange about the concept of 
scrabble is that in order to play you have to first buy in to a completely false assumption that there is a such thing as correct spelling. Until Microsoft Word came to be such a dominating force with spell check, such a notion was laughable. The creators of dictionaries were stuffy old men who were just upset that the English language wouldn’t sit down and behave like say Latin. Each tome of collected words (from now to just 6 centuries ago when English as we know it began to exist) was different from the other. You could just as easily argue that ‘Sight’ should be spelled ‘cyte’ as North side English people did around 1450 or so.  Also a good portion if not most of the words aren’t English to begin with. To point out an obvious example ‘QI’ is NOT an English word
and therefore theoretically should not be allowed in scrabble. It is, after all, only one Latin alphabet spelling of a Chinese word that we have now decided is used enough by English to merit a place on our game tables.”

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