I guess it’s time for another comeback Post

Posted: 14 October, 2011 in Rants, Uncategorized
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“Scrooge” The Muppets, The Muppets Christmas Carol

Seems like of I’ve got too many of these comeback posts. I guess it’s just one of those things. Once it has been awhile it’s difficult to start up again and the longer I’m away the harder it gets. And this time round my absence wasn’t planned. A few things took me by surprise.

A Friend of mine died. His name was Thomas and he had been sick with a cancer that was supposedly was in remission and after not coming out of surgery his partner (or mom, not sure who had power of attorney) decided to take him off life support. We all held our breath and waited for time to be called. Last weekend was his funeral.

He was my fraternity brother, a good man, and a good friend. A character all his own. My facebook status described him “the biggest, baddest, bestest, blackest, gayest football star [my college] has ever seen and the first man I ever kissed.” You could never not smile when he was around you and the world was a better place because he was in it.

What’s I find really strange about losing a friend like this is how much it makes you realize the time slipping through your fingertips. At first I thought, ‘wow, it’s been almost a  year since the last time we spoke.’ then I realized I had been up here for almost nine months. ‘Ok, so a little over a year.’ wait, before that I graduated and moved back to Dallas and hadn’t really seen anyone for a bit and before that was summer and before that I hadn’t seen him since,  (what was it? Winter break? thanksgiving?) I don’t remember. All of a sudden it has been two maybe two and a half years since I had seen him.

So, will I really miss him? I’m not sure. I miss all my friends, but would I really notice if any of them were gone. Since I’ve moved it’s not like I see any of them on  a regular basis?

Anyway, the other thing that has taken me off my axis is that I’ve expanded my business. So all of a sudden I’m having to manage a much more hectic schedule, which is fine because it means more money coming in. Last week I started to freak out a little with just how much was landing on my plate and decided to take off.

The weather is perfect for riding and so I headed up to as small lake in Wisconsin where a family member keeps a house overlooking the shore.  It’s been a perfect place for gaining some clarity and do some work without any noise around. The lake I’m staring at, I’m fairly certain it’s the site of Lanford Wilson’s The Mound Builders. and the more time I spend up here the more it feels like those scenes from American Gods where Shadow is living in that lakeside town. I’m pretty sure I’ve passed some of the places Gaiman is talking about and “lakeside” (the town I’m in also has the word lake in it, not that it’s uncommon) is probably any of two dozen towns just like this one.


OK, so there’s the general  update. I’ll start getting on here more regular in the next week. Until then here are a few things to expect:

Reviews for: the 10th anniversary American Gods, The Commitments, Let’s Ride, Hell’s Angels, Eight Days of Luke, Cyberdrive Illinois,
The new ‘Cafe Standards’ section.
New stories about Fate, Assassins, Cellphones, Mirrors, Demons, and sisters,
A Long Multi-post discussion about Contemporary Catholicism
A Scientific analysis of what makes a good Drinking Game
Rants about: The usefulness of swords, The ‘problem’ with ‘gay’ ‘marriage’, Occupations of various streets, The ‘problem’ with “quotation marks”, a rebuttal of modern grammer an spelleen,  an Islamic explanation of prayer, my Halloween, costume and why bikers don’t have commitment issues,
and, of course, Everyone’s favorite part of the blog; More Drinking games!


Until next time, True Believers


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