Game of the Week: Sons of Anarchy

Posted: 4 November, 2011 in Drinking Games, Uncategorized
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Shuffle Says: “Steppin up”  M.I.A.

Well seeing as I meant to get this one up Nine episodes ago I guess I better get to it.

Drinking game for Sons of Anarchy

Drink whenever
1 Someone gets punched (just the first time not for each thrown in a fight).
2 Pick a Character. Drink whenever they start their bike.
3 Someone is killed.
4 Someone is naked.
5 A bike is  laid down

Expert Rules:

Pound it whenever a ‘Son’ dies

for Rule 3 make it all characters, but no more than twice at a time (or not, don’t let me stand between you and liver failure).

for rule 4 make it twice if it is Jax and three times if it’s in the shower.


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