Book Dozing

Posted: 6 November, 2011 in Daily Droppings, Other
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Shuffle Says: “trying to drown out Adult Contemporary music of Starbucks with Nine Inch Nails Ghosts

He suddenly realized that he was more than halfway through the book and had no idea was going on. He HAD read it. He had looked at the words, the images passed along his ocular nerve and into his brain which processed it for meaning put them into sentences then moved on, but suddenly he realized he had no idea what was happening. As though he had dozed off for a few minutes in the theatre and had just come to. Things had gone on. He hadn’t been entirely asleep, he just hadn’t really paid attention.  Like when young people go over to each other’s to “watch movies”.  Next thing you know you’re half naked covered in sweat on the couch and you have absolutely no idea why the man you thought was the villain at the beginning of the film is holding a black briefcase filled with unknown contents with a gun pressed against the belly of a woman he’s kissing.


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