Quottage: Rabbinical Advice on Marriage

Posted: 6 November, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“People imagine marriage is just like Christmas. They have this image of what it should be, and yet that was never the reality and it can’t be the reality. Yes, some people have lovely Christmases, complete with carols and relatives. But even those family gatherings aren’t perfect, Rockwellesque events that people long for. They drag their kids to the mall to sit on a fat, old stranger’s lap so they can tell him their wishes. Christmas is built around fantasy, it doesn’t matter that  the kids are miserable, or that mom is exhausted, or that the father would rather watch the game than eat the meal his wife slaved over all day. But you’re not allowed to say that. you have to play along or else you ruin it for everyone else… people aren’t built for [marriage], and we never lived that way until very recent history. People love to pound the Bible when they want to defend their righteous ways, but they should have another look at it. People have long-lived in communities and groups. Men had lovers or concubines or multiple wives. Kinds and Queens kept their own apartments. Women of status hand lovers, and sometimes even servants to service them. What do you imagine that was about? Marriage was about money and property and not about love.”

-Jenny Block Open


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