Shuffle says: “White Crosses” Against Me, White Crosses
No Idea why I’m feeling poetic today. The results are never good.

This city is supposedly built

Of stone and art

But cows to rules of no’s

No paint

No guns

No smoke

No medicine

And ticker tapers tap tap tap your windows for revenue because they need their useless wages to spend on bribe

Drink inside/smoke outside

And walk your unfitting dogs in iron and shit

Dichotomize your life for proper zoning

No marriage

No fun

The most restrictive liberals I know

But we all live in beautiful houses and out short shore summers aint so bad so it must be all right

Check out our skyline

Dance on our rooftops

Puke in our streets

And make sure you’re not caught pissing under the L

Praise god if you’re white and wont face charges

And colour keep company to avoid suspicion, bracelets, and bullets

Shame your Kanye

Praise your Kweli

And your Jordantime bulls and your ever failing cubs

March with the soldiers and feast on the fourth

Cause there is nowhere else you would rather be


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