Game of the Week: MarioKart WEEE!!!

Posted: 22 November, 2011 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle Says: “Faithful Son”  Frank Turner, Poetry of the Deed

This game is has been passed down for generations. It all began with my time staying with my cousins in Evanston when I was a young lad and we played MarioKart for hours on the Super Nintendo. The game has evolved and passed through multiple platforms and its current iteration on the Wii is fucking wonderful.
Speaking of which, while I know there could be variations for each iteration based on the subtle changes,  I have chosen to post my version which is backwards compatible sot that it might remain as timeless as the game itself.


when you are hit by something that targets you (red/blue shell etc…) drink once.

when you by another player (non CPU) drink twice (green shells, player with a star, etc…)

when you hit something static (false box, banana, etc…) drink three times.


When you are lapped either drink half your drink OR drink three times for each person who passes you

If  don’t place in top three drink once

If are not in the top six drink twice


When you fall off the course drink until you are placed back on.

If you place first choose someone to pound it.

If you place last pound it.


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