Lacking Celebrity, I turn to the Internet

Posted: 29 November, 2011 in Rants

Shuffle Says: “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” St. Olaf Choir, The Soundtrack to Austin College’s 2007 production of Rosmersholm

This blog has never been really personal. I don’t talk about my work, shows, or the any particularly fantastic shit I’ve taken.  You’ll find few inf any excerpts or anecdotes of my daily life unless it is somehow connected to what I’m writing about.  This is entirely intentional. I’ve never felt my daily life was honestly worth writing about.

A blog I ran into recently had a post which scolded amateur bloggers everywhere, telling them to stop apologizing for not posting for so long. “No one cares”. Considering how many of times I’ve said those words, they struck a little close to the hearth.

The fact is: if you’re reading this, you know me. I have no amount of celebrity save for a legacy of whisky, blood, and fire I left behind in college – which apparently still serves as a cautionary tale for any students with delusions of drunken pyrotechnics or self-mutilation for their final projects – but the blog is here in case that day ever comes.

Until then, people seem to enjoy the drinking games.


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