Dropping Far Out

Posted: 7 January, 2012 in Daily Droppings
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Shuffle Says: “Bob Dylan Dream” Against Me! White Crosses

I have no idea what this is


-You should come with us.  he told him

The young man bit his lip in though.

-Yeah! We’ve spent too much time here already. There are so many stars out there, nearly infinite and I will be dead before I feel them all. she spoke then went back to leaning on the opposite side of the car, staring up.

-I wont be able to come back. Will I?

“Darren” shook his head -No. At least we’re never coming back. Why see something twice when there’s something else out there?

-How do you support yourselves?

-It is difficult. And it’s expensive.

He looked back at the girl. She was drawing in the air with her finger. -It’s her, isn’t it? It’s Al.

-Never understood why you called her that.

-It was supposed to be a joke. Al is a masculine name here.

-I still don’t comprehend.

-Forget it.

he got in

and the music snaked between their legs as serpents of smoke, wrapped them an lifted them into the heavens and beyond. Beyond the sky where sound ceased to echo in the dead void of space. Encasing them, saving them. They danced through the cosmos, waltzing on the surface of the sun, singing between the orbits of the moons, planets, comets, and ended in such a flash of plasmic light for we are the stuff that stars are made of.


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