Musical Dropping

Posted: 9 January, 2012 in Daily Droppings
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Shuffle Says: “Leave my Body” Florence + The Machine Ceremonials

Some dialogue taken from a play in progress

-What’s the deal with musicians? Why is it they end up with all the girls? I mean there are so many other high profile professions. why does it seem that they of all people are so attractive? They don’t even need to be particularly good or famous, but as soon as you say you play an instrument or if a girl sees you jamming or on stage more’n half the time you’re minted on the spot

-I guess because music is so sexual. that’s what it’s like, Isn’t it? Sex. Love making. it has tonality. majors and minors. has a key signature. a set of sharps or flats to indicate what notes to hit. to establish mood. dark. light. joy, relief, love (well, I suppose it’s all love), anger, sorrow, passion.

There’s preludes or overtures, clips and phrases of what’s to come. It bears rhythm, meter, tempo. Like jazz, it works in spirals, reprising and extending an original phrase. A touch, a kiss, a scratch, a bite, lips to ear to neck. Reprise with the other side. Reprise, lips to ear to neck to shoulder. Again, lips to ears to neck to shoulder, to breast. Start again, this time those twelve bars are repeated but varied to include hands up each others shirts. And each time we find our way back to a chorus. That single long passion filled kiss that started the whole damn thing if for no other reason than to remind us that this is really happening and why we’re doing it in the first place.

There are recitatives and arias. Changes in movements and dynamics, piano or forte. From percussive staccato to smoothed out adagio. You can test your limits with an awkward middle eight or a bridge to link two solos. There’s improvisation and sometimes (when you’re lucky) there’s a gospel-like call and response; like that gentle tug on the back of your ear that elicits the same sound from you each and every time.

There are moments that feel like strings. A long stroke from the bottom of you calf to the top your thigh. Fingers prance like the playing of woodwinds. But there is no need for a conductor or an audience or anyone else (unless of course…)

Repeated ad infinitum (or should we say ad climaxium) and after the crescendo there’s a denouement and sometimes you listen to the same track over and over. and sometimes you switch gears entirely mid session.

Music is infinite in possibility and it is eternal. As long as humans have existed there has been music. It started with a simple percussive rhythm and now it includes everything we can think of )(even computers).

It has evolved, just like humans have evolved. As long as humans exist there will be music and there will be sex.


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