Standing Rule (or rather, laying I suppose)

Posted: 16 February, 2012 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle Says “One Day More” Les Miserables 

So there’s this running joke I’ve had with friends in the past. In every TV show and movie you see with a “love” scene in it, the two participants always end up being cut to laying on the bed with the sheets pulled up to his waist and her armpits in blatant appeasement of the Hays Code (*ahem* I mean MPAA and FCC regulations). What bothers me most about this is that they looks so well-arranged; as though they were some specially designed his and her sheets possessing uneven halves.

We call this the “Magic Sheet” phenomena.  I’ve wanted to incorporate into several games already and had been considering putting it into upcoming posts. The problem is that this archetypal image transcends and single piece of media.  So I am proposing a standing rule that can be added to ANY drinking game. Even better this rule should be thought of as one of those junior high era games like punch buggy or crevicing or the game you just lost or that thing where you get the person to look at your hand below your waist and then you hit them.

Anyhoo, here goes

Beginner: Drink whenever you see a set of “Magic Sheets”

Intermediate: Whenever you see a set of Magic Sheets the first person to yell “Magic Sheets!” forces everyone else to drink twice.

Experts: Instead of twice, everyone else has to cover their heads/faces with a sheet or blanket and is not allowed to emerge until their drinks are empty.

  1. Jewels says:

    I have always called it the “L blanket” or the “L blanket effect.” Either way, same result.

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