Game of Tonight: Re-Post!

Posted: 1 April, 2012 in Drinking Games
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Shuffle says: “Old Number 7″ Devil Makes Three Devil Makes Three

So tonight is the premier for season 2 of HBO’s adaptation of George Martins Song of Ice and Fire. So I present to you, for your drinking leisure, a reposting of the 2nd most popular post this blog has ever seen (next to my tactful letter to Rick Perry) The Game Of Thrones drinking Game.

a brief note: this game was specifically written for season one. As many circumstances have changed, some rules may need to be altered or replaced. If this seasons runs ten episodes as the last one did I will make a call at the halfway mark and see if I can’t come up with a good reworking for it. If not I’ll just wait to the end of the season, cause I know how much y’all like rewatching this show. So Until tonight, Enjoy a trailer or three.


Shuffle says: “Johnny B. Goode” The Grateful Dead

For a series so complex, I had to create a drinking game just a elaborate, filled with lots of “experts only” rules.
I would also like to mention that at the moment I am sitting at a cafe using the unprotected internet access of a network called “Casterly Rock”. Drink!

Drink once:
1. When Someone gets beheaded or has their throat slit.
2. For each time a whore gets fucked
3. Someone says “Iron Throne”
4. Anyone mentions the King’s drinking or infidelity
5. Arya acts like or is called a boy
6. when any Lannister acts like a dick.


7. The first person to yell “RAVEN!” when a raven appears on screen may force everyone else to drink

8: Everyone picks a house: every time someone says your house’s Name, Words, Sigil, or Home Town drink (for this rule consider “a Lannister always…” to be their House words).


Substitute rule 1 with “when anyone DIES”

Anytime Somone is called by an unpleasant nickname (ie Kingslayer, Imp, Bastard, Little Finger et al)

Substitute rule 2 for “every time you see a nipple.

Everyone drinks when someone mentions winter and twice if they say it is coming.

For rule 8, everyone plays every house.


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