Sex and Politicks

Posted: 4 April, 2012 in Rants
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Shuffle Says: “She’s My Baby” Mazzy Star So That Tonight I Might See

Does sex ever feel political to anyone else? It does to me.

Right now I’m watching someone read 1984 and I ponder on how the characters in the book fuck as a form of rebellion. It makes me think of my own attitudes toward sex.

My politics surrounding these issues exist as a response to how I have and continue to experience sex, but I wonder often if my sexual endeavors are not often fueled by my political views.

Certainly sex can at times feel political. Sometimes I fuck because I feel it is right. Humans fuck for all kinds of reasons; power, anger, loneliness, revenge, any desire you can imagine. So why not as an act of defiance, of protest. I know that was often enough a reason for me as a teenager. Back then we did it cause our parents told us not to.

Anytime I was told not to do something as a child – don’t read this book, watch this tv show, see this movie, this play – I went to consume that very thing straight away and straight though. It wasn’t all good stuff. some of it was crap. Much of it was mediocre. I was forbidden to read A Time to Kill or to see Scream along with The Hobbit and Lonesome Dove, but whatever the quality or medium or style, I simply hated the fact that anything was kept from me. I had to know what was behind those doors.

This desire drove my reading and writing habits as well as my sex life. I have yet to shed this adolescent attitude, this ever-seeking of the forbidden. I have to know, to feel, to experience that which I have been told I cannot have. It’s what makes me a punk. I can’t stand the idea of missing out on something.

So why not?

Why not think of sex as an act of political and social protest. let that be part of what you feel. Amidst all the love, lust, pleasure, all our struggle against loneliness and our search for connection, our discovery of the new and unknown, why should it be so strange for there to be a sense of righteousness.


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