Shuffle Says:  In honor of his coming out today, I am listening to Tom Gable’s youtube channel currently on “I was a Teenage Anarchist” Against Me White Crosses 

Following a few politically convenient events, President Obama has come out in support of ‘gay-marriage’. Let me say first, so as not to confuse anyone before I got on a rant: This is a good thing.

That said, here’s what really boils my pickle. He should’ve done it ages ago and he knows it. How long did it take him to finally repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Something that as Commander-in-chief he could have done one day aught. He has also failed to issue an executive order banning discrimination among federal employees based on sexual-orientation/gender-identity and still has yet to move against the “Defense of Marriage Act”.

The man is making progress. I will give him that much. He’s done better than the last democrat in the oval who signed DOMA into law in the first place.

It depresses how ashamed or afraid he (and, in fairness, most politicians) must be of his convictions. His attitudes are reflective of how much he thinks he can get away with. While running for his current office, President Obama repeatedly told interviewers that he believed in civil union and other such endeavours, but NOT in marriage equality for LGBTers. Hillary Clinton had the same stance almost word for word. Because in 2008 that is how far the campaign strategists told them they could ‘push’ the envelope.

It was worse for Republicans, who, fearing for their own political longevity, are not allowed to support Queer positive legislation in any way. Until he ran for President, I liked John McCain. He was a maverick who fought his own party based on his conscience, including his vocal denunciation of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Again, until he ran for president and the campaign war chest dragged him to the right. It is almost painful to watch his interview on Ellen show telling her does not support gay marriage, when not only his record, but also his aggrieved facial expression shows otherwise. If he really felt that way, why would he go on her show in the first place. Not that his personal feelings in any way excuse his actions.

President Obama’s interview falls suspiciously on the heels of North Carolina’s constitutional attack on marriage and Joe Biden’s supportive, though pop-obnoxious, interview on the matter. My thoughts? Carolina’s new amendment was clearly representative of dangerous slide backwards by the religious right. Obama has desired to further gay rights as much as “smart politickin'” and was finally overwrought with enough guilt that he sent the VP out as a test balloon. When Biden’s call for gay marriage was met with overwhelming support from the general public, only then did the President feel safe enough to express a growing limited support of the cause.

But it ain’t enough.

President Obama is still parsing words, still straddling the fence. Despite his moral belief that same-sex couples should be able to be married he didn’t at all suggest he would be taking action to assist. He ‘left it to the states’.

Really? what a load of horseshit.

This is the man who wants to socialize healthcare and federalize the education system and HE of all people is going to pull the states’ rights card? Puh-leeze. I’m about as anti-federalist/pro-states rights as someone living North of the Mason-Dixon life can safely get and I ain’t buyin that pony.

Segregation, Slavery, suffrage, these were national issues and thus warranted a national response in order to protect basic human rights. what we’re addressing with same-sex marriage is no different and it deserves the full force of the United States federal government led by the office of the President.

All of the politicians I’ve mentioned as well as countless others not to mention media figures, religious leaders, and all ‘pillars of the community’, have a moral obligation to be the change they wish to see in the world. While it is seemingly pragmatic to take a cautions stance on issues of faith and morals in order to garner and maintain support of the public at large, it is only by seeing our respected leaders taking courageous that we can imagine the populace to follow suit.

So Mr. President,
I say to you (please excuse the misogyny of the phrase)

Man the fuck up and sound off like you got a pair!


And just cause I love this band and am so proud, here’s Thomas (now Laura Jane) Performing “Because of the Shame


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