On a personal note…

Posted: 9 May, 2012 in Rants
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Shuffle says: “Darker Side” Johnny Lang Lie to me

I’ve got this huge-ass backlog of posts that have not been published in a timely fashion because I scribble them down and never proofread or finish them and instead of getting them done I keep half-writing new ones. The biggest problem is that so many of these are topical and by the time I get around to posting them (like the one I told myself I would finally post this morning but I’m doing this Gay one instead [though come to thing of it the other one was gayish too]) they have increasingly less social relevance. Then I end up having to rewrite the thing so it’s reflective and becomes a broader more conceptual take on the issue.

This blog is becomingly increasingly schizophrenic that way. One day I’m writing like a journalish blog, the next it’s a daily op-edish news update, then just a string of videos, then nothing for a week, and then it’s a reflective monthly periodical style of reviews and concept pieces.

Anyhoo, this week it is my personal mission to get these the fuck done. If I do there should be enough material to just queue up posts for every three days until winter.

see you in a few hours with something about the past few days in our fair country.


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