Game of the Week: Doctor Who

Posted: 22 May, 2012 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle says: Da Di Da playing stuff.
Ok I was trying to post a link here to their song  “The Doctor” but they suck at organizing their shit and their website isn’t working. So, whatever right? If anyone’s got a link to that song being played, post that shit.

So BBC is gettin all popular in America with the twenty-somethings ‘I-swear-I’m-not-a-hipster’ crowd and one of the reasons is because of the new (to me) re-launch of the forever long running series “Doctor Who”.  A TV show about a God-like entity who can travel through space and time, but inexplicably keeps running into problems like werewolves.

Anyhoo, here are the rules:


Drink once whenever:
The T.A.R.D.I.S. materializes or dissaperates
Someone references the other incarnations of The Doctor or series
Someone is running down a corridor


Waterfall whenever someone says “Doctor who?” or makes some kind of titular related pun. Don’t stop drinking until the person ahead of you says “He’s the doctor. The last of the time lords!”

Finish your drink whenever The Doctor saves the world/universe/time whatever

Drink continuously as long as the sonic screwdriver is in use

Refill and do it again if it fails for dramatic purposes


Drink once whenever

William Hartnell asks someone to repeat something.
Patrick Troughton plays the flute.
Jon Pertwee flounces.
Tom Baker offers a jellybaby.
Peter Davidson says “Brave heart!”
Colin Baker contradicts his companion.
Sylvester Mccoy uses his umbrella.
Paul McGann mentions the time.
Christopher Eccleston says “Fan-TAST-ic”
David Tennant”What? What? What?” or “Brilliant”
Matt Smith says “Geronimo!”


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