Did someone say ENDER’S GAME Movie? Staring Han Solo? Get the fuck outta town!!!!

Posted: 25 May, 2012 in Reviews, Theatrical
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Shuffle says: “Androgynous” Joan Jett (I have such a crush on this woman and the video is charming)

I was considering posting a review of Avengers but I ran into Orson Scott Card’s take on the film so I’ll throw that up instead.

Also, an Ender’s Game film has circled the rumor mill for over a decade, but now (I’ve no idea why i’m just finding out now) it has been confirmed. In this article Card talks about being on the set of the film to record a single line. Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley (these guys apparently get first billing because listing all the fairly unknown child-stars just doesn’t carry the same weight as HanfuckingSolo), and the kid from Hugo are all set to star under the direction of Gavin Hood.

I am now hesitant about the film, as Hood is responsible for the epic fucking disaster that was the Wolverine movie. However, Orson Scott Card supposedly oversaw the development of the script so that may help prevent total failure. The film will also supposedly incorporate parts of the companion novel Ender’s Shadow somehow, though I see  no one currently cast as the dreaded Achilles .

Thanks to Julie Davis at Happy Catholic for posting this

enjoy, true believers!

Original: Avengers and On the Set of Ender’s Game.


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