Game of the Week: Slings and Arrows & The Ultimate Shakespeare Smackdown

Posted: 2 June, 2012 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle Says: No Shuffle today. I’m getting some EPIC work done with a playlist sent to me by a friend. 

This week is brought to you by a fantastic Canadian little diddy called Slings and Arrows. This is perfect for all you crazy theatre andor Shakespeare lovers out there. Three short seasons can be covered relatively quickly if you are in need of an accomplishable drinking/viewing marathon. Fun for the whole company!

Drink once whenever:

Jeffery is caught talking to “himself'”
Ellen is late
every time rehearsal is cancelled

Advanced Rules:

Instead of being late, drink every time Ellen says “Sorry”
Instead of rehearsal being canceled, Drink once whenever they take a break and Waterfall whenever rehearsal is canceled. Don’t stop drinking until the person ahead of you says “Released!”



Drink whenever someone quotes Shakespeare outside of a rehearsal or performance

if you can name the play, everyone else drinks twice

if you can name the character, three times,

the act, four times

the scene, five times

If anyone thinks the person naming the quote is wrong, they can issue a challenge . If the person is wrong they must pound their drink. If not, the challenger  must drink for as long as it takes for someone else to read the full quote.

You MUST sing along with the opening and closing songs. If you fuck it up, Drink.


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