Shuffle says: No Shuffle today instead we’re kicking off the comeback with Amanda Fucking Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra’s new single “Want it Back” off their Million+ dollar album Theatre Is Evil 

If you haven’t seen the music video (Which the repressive shitbirds at youtube have decided to censor), click on the link because it’s fucking brilliant. It’s all stop motion and has nakedness and ink that does this thing that… just watch the video.

She’s one of my favorite allies in the War on Awesome. I never really listened to the Dresden Dolls until I moved to Ireland where I couldn’t go to a house party without hearing her solo hit “Oasis” (which lead to an interesting evening of explaining to a houseful of Irish teenagers what a “40” was). After looking up the video I discovered it had caused her to be been banned from making appearances on the BBC; though I’m not sure exactly why. Perhaps for attaching the name of an English national treasure like Oasis to something a tawdry as rape.

Since then I’ve been an avid follower of her blog and rabid fan of her music. Speaking of the new AFP album I wanted to bring up something that warms the cockles of whatever passes for my soul these days. Kickstarter.

It’s changing the world.

The likes of AFP, Molly Crabapple, and my friends on the Sidewinder project are proving everyday that funding for the arts still exists, but we are no longer held to the whims of wealthy patrons. They’re dropping off record labels, leaving publishers, and distributing art and ideas to the masses.

So here are a couple projects some of my friends are working on. These people are brilliant, young artists who’ve discovered a new way to get themselves off the ground and are tremendously fucking worthy of your financial contributions.

Also I’m a terrible friend for waiting for these things to be posted. They’ve both got about a week left and are fully funded, but MORE MONEY ALWAYS HELPS.

worthy kickstarters

Modular 22 – Is an art installment downtown in my very own Chicago, which takes a creative turn on the display and interface of media.

Sidewinder 2: The Ecstasy of Gold – Is a Space-Western film which continues the adventures of Captain Sidewinder and his crew after their defeat of the evil landlord Volta.


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