Shuffle Says: The last Album I listened to with Andy was Nevermind by Nirvana, so here’s “Come as you Are

Two great men died last month. One you haven’t heard of, the other was Ray Bradbury.

I hate writing eulogistic posts

There’s never anything right to say, especially if it’s a loved one. And if it’s a famous, person every newspaper, subject appropriate magazine, blogger, etc.. has already covered it with something probably more poignant and personal than you could ever come up with in a timely manner.

It seems like anything you write is somehow insulting to their memory. And now of course I’m being equally insulting, writing about me and how difficult it is conjuring up something fitting. It’s all cliché, but with a subject as old as death how could it not be.

Ray was old, he contributed some of the finest works of literature to the cultural repertoire of the human race and drastically influenced writers for centuries to come. He was old. It was his time I suppose. Right? Whatever the fuck that means.

Andy was young…ish. He was involved in so many people’s lives and changed them for the better. He was a pillar of the community in which he dwelled. He gave his time and effort and wisdom and love freely to all who but asked him for it.

He was the kind of person everyone loved, not just liked. Not small or unassuming. I loved him. I am a better person, a better artist, a better citizen of the world because of my experience with him. And there are plenty of people who could say the same. People who knew him better.

Anyway, that’s All I got. Here a few links.

Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury by Rachel Bloom. A young woman’s pledge of love and devotion to her favorite author.

Neil Gaiman’s The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury

And my friend Andy promo video for a production he led of Sam Sheppard’s The Tooth of Crime

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