Game of the Week: Another Standing Rule (or rather, kneeling over a toilet)

Posted: 6 August, 2012 in Drinking Games, Other
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Shuffle Says: “Nightrider” Electric Light Orchestra Flashback (disc 2)

Today’s game is simple. It’s something that I just started doing at some point in my life. I noticed if a female character in a movie or on TV started retching I automatically assumed she was pregnant. So here goes:

This game can be used as an easy ad hoc rule to supplement another game or as a running house rule.

Whenever a woman (in a film or show) throws up, yell out “She’s Preggers!”. When that fact is inevitably revealed, everyone but you finishes their drinks. However, if you reach the end of the story and the woman never turns out to be with child, you must kill the dregs of all the drinks in the room.


Gamble at your own risk, but Vegas odds are 9 to 2 in your favour


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