On Matters Not Safe For Work

Posted: 11 August, 2012 in Rants
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Shuffle Says: “Dancing in the Street” Martha and the Vandellas,

“We’re on Earth to fart around and don’t let anyone tell you different” – Kurt Vonnugut

NSFW: What a Fucking Acronym

I only recently found out what it was (yes, I know. For a blogger I’m quite the technopeasant.) and honestly it sounds damned silly. If you’re an adult, no one should give a good fuck what you’re reading. Well, they should because you should share important things with people, especially if they don’t want you to talk about those.

The only real reason you shouldn’t be looking at this or anything “N.S.F.W.” at work is cause you should be fucking working. Unless of course you’ve got one of those sweet, cushy jobs where you sit and do nothing unless something goes wrong so what you really do is play World of Warcraft or watch TV or read. In that case, do whatever it is you do.

It has been suggested that I make my blog secret, that I mark it Not Safe For Work. It was brought to my attention that anyone “over the age of 45 might be offended” by what I say here. Also I have the odd family member that visits this site and maybe I should be a little more tactful.

But there’s a  difference between tact and honesty. These comments got me thinking about why I post what I do.

I write about sex cause it’s an important part of life and I think people would be a lot happier if we were honest about it.

I curse like a fucking… person because it’s how I bloody talk.

I talk about religion because right now people’s faith is affecting our daily lives in a big way.

I talk about censorship and art and politics because these things are important.

I talk about education because I care about what I leave behind.

I take it all with a humorous grain of salt because it’s fucking important to laugh. We’re all gonna die soon enough anyway.

I’m making a concerted effort to filter myself less because I believe honesty is good. Because I believe as an artist my greatest enemy is censorship and if we censor ourselves, how can we complain when others take our freedoms away from us? Because I want people to love me for who I am and if they don’t like me it should be because they’re well-informed, not because I’m half-assing it and they don’t have the full picture.

Because artists – especially writers – are essentially selfish beings who only work to get they’re shit out into the world and the only way they ever help anyone is if they get published or famous and they should do their damnedest to make sure they’re talking about something important

Make no mistake, I’ll admit it up front. This blog is about me. My thoughts. My writing. My opinions. My future

However, my hope is that amongst all the self-aggrandizement and self-deprecation, the bullshit and the humor and the art I manage to convey something important I’ve stumbled upon.

Up until recently I’ve avoided talking about things that matter for fear of not saying it well enough or that it will drive people away, but every time I run into someone who looks at me blank, shrugging their shoulders in apathy and saying “I don’t know who XXXXXX is” or “I’ve never heard of XXXXXX”or I think feminism is XXXX” or “I didn’t know that was happening” I’m reminded that while we’re all on the same planet  we don’t all live in the same world.

and sometimes that’s ok.

But for now. While you’re reading this blog.

Welcome to my world.

Come in and stay awhile.


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