Shuffle Says: “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” Jack Conte, Pomplamoose Christmas

So, back from the frozen North and have finally got the internet back up and running so I can start posting from home again, W.O.O.T. sauce. On the downside, I lost my copy of Making Comics by Scott McCloud on the plane back from the Skosh (or Scoti? I dunno, short for Nova Scotia I gather) with only a chapter left.

Anyhoo here’s what I’ve missed covering this week.

South By Southwest (#SXSW) is inviting fans to pick the panels they want to see this year. For all you back in the Old Republic, here are a couple to consider.
Hacking the Crowd: Artists as Entrepreneurs  with Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder
Sex and Social Media

The New Inquiry: Biblioteca Popular

This Rock, Paper, Cynic has been on my mind as I plot out a new DnD campaign  for this week.

A friend turned on to a new columnist named Maggie Mayhem who was recently invited to speak at Yale on matters regarding the Adult Film Industry

I won’t comment on this because the fruit is just too low, but for all of you seriously considering voting Romney should know that even his wife doesn’t believe women should be paid the same as men.

For all of you who haven’t been listening to the news lately, there have been some absolutely egregious moves on the part of the Republican Party to prevent presumptive Democrats from voting.

On a somewhat lighter note. A pub in England called The Hobbit is being sued, but not by who you’d think. Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen have rallied to the pub’s defence.

And if you give a shit about civil liberties, take a look at how some brave individuals are fighting O’Bama’s NDAA.

That’s all kids. Posting should be regular as a vegan’s bowel movements next week, though a week behind.


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