Like a Failing Start-Up

Posted: 26 August, 2012 in Other
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Shuffle says: “Dance Dance Dance” Lykke Li  Youth Novel

Again it’s another week of few posts but much blogging. In the past month readership has grown exponentially. so I’m starting to prepare for the Admin-building blocking snowball I hope is to come. It’s not anything huge, but suddenly there’s a dozen “likes” and a new follower or two a week from total strangers. In addition, a few other allies on the war on awesome like Sunny Megatron (who has gotten some good press lately) and Maggie Mayhem seem to have stopped by as well. I know Sunny on the material plane, but Ms. Mayhem’s visit was totally out of the blue.

So, I’m doing a little site maintenance. You may have notices that the URL has changed. I finally manned the fuck up and bought the domain name in an effort ro give this endeavour some semblance of professionalism.

I’m also reorganizing the way I post and the menu. I’m not sure how it’ll all shake out in the end, but hopefully it’ll get my ass more consistent if nothing else.


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