Shuffle Says: “Miss You” The Rolling Stones, Some Girls

I’ve been away for awhile, gearing up for  Assassins which opens October 12th at the Viaduct Theatre. In the meantime, a lot of shit seems to have happened in the world so this week’s links will be in two parts.

Most Importantly, Neil Gaiman posts a letter from a scared actress who unwittingly took part in an anti-Islamic film.

Maggie Mayhem clearly explains to California Voters why a law supposedly aimed at human trafficking will in fact infringe on civil liberties and harm women, working and otherwise, throughout the state.

The Cylon/Dalek Hybrid, Mitt Romney was not updated with the ‘Gay people have families’ bundle and needs to be updated.

Afterwards, he forces Coal Miners to attend his rally.

The New Inquiry takes a good look at the logic of Occupy Wall St

Molly Crabapple teams up with Dave Graeber in The Nation by asking “Can Debt Spark a Revolution?”

Google has relented and finally allowed bisexuals to exist.


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