Weak Links 5 Special Election Edition

Posted: 6 November, 2012 in Weak Links
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Hopefully you all have voted. by now. Polls are closing soon and it’s raining here in Chicagoland. I don’t have a live TV feeds so I’m doing a bit of a junkie shuffle wanting to know how the voting is going.

Here’s some disturbing election day news. First off, at the moment Romney has 66% of the popular vote. Secondly, Someone shot a video of themselves voting when they realized that the machine was changing their vote.

You have probably heard that Star Wars/LucasArts has been purchased by Disney for over 4 billion Dollars. There have been a number of articles circling the interwebs coming down on this as either a genius or woeful move.

In response to Mitt Romeny and LDS’rs hatred of gay people hot-shot photographer created a photo shoot called Mormon Missionary Positions

Forbes reminds us that a little Sex and humor on the campaign trail is a long-standing tradition held by both republican and democrat, so get your panties unbunched about the Joss Whedon and Lena Dunham Campaign videos

For all of you voting in California take a look at Stoya and James Deen’s feature in the New York Times regarding a certain Anti-sexwork proposition.

Romney, surprise surprise, treats women like binders.

Take a look at the latest collaboration between Molly Crabapple and Kim Boekbinder as they talk about intro/extraversion.

Finally, to go along with the theme of election day here’s Miss Crabapple’s finished response to the crisis in Greece:

Fight now


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