Nano Count: 2093

Shuffle Says: “Control” Poe Haunted

So this week it is mostly about all that nonsense happening on the East coast. I made the relevent calls and thank fully all my people in Harlem and Philly are OK, so yea.

on the other hand I’m posting this:

Because this is the closing weekend of Assassins at the Viaduct. There are a grand total of 3 seats available. So… You probably won’t get in, but if you REALLY wanna, I accept bribes in the form of Irish Whisky and I’ve got a couple of nice spots available in the scaffolding.

Sadly, Prop B passed in California and our dear Stoya has something to say about it

Speaking of American (porn) Darlings Sasha Grey is getting some more ‘legit’ work, this time starring opposite Elijah Wood.

Ever wonder about how much play 007 actually gets? Here’s a detailed answer.

NYC residents Kate Black and Molly Crabapple have kept a pretty decent appraisal of aftermath, from following of the 666 burger car as they ran about distributing free food, to their appearance at the polling site on election day.

Another little bit of Sandy fun comes from a woman who has been keeping a blog about her sex life during the storm.

How to sharpen Pencils would like to announce The People’s Bailout

On top of NanoWrimo this year, I’m very excited to announce I am entering’s porn writing contest! Because reasons.


Till tomorrow, True Believers.

I’m gonna go pass out now.


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