Nano Count: 3200
Shuffle Says: “Time in Hell” Jason Boland & The Stragglers The Bourbon Legend

One week more kids. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Someone created a wonderful photo blog surrounding the David Petraeus affair. (wink wink) Seriously lads, click on the link. You’ll be glad you did.

The Guardian takes on the issue of long-term relationships and monogamy. (with fairly few factual errors for once).

The New York Times hosts a roundtable discussion in the wake of the passing of Prop B on the porn industry and the fallout of the election.

The Wall Street Journal reports on prostitutes in Kabul, Afghanistan who have begun to unionize.

Hannah from the ever popular My Drunk Kitchen guest stars on sex educator Laci Green’s Sex + channel. The result: Drunk sex… yeah, we wish.  

By popular vote we now have a Democrat President and a Republican House. How does that happen you ask? The answer: Gerrymandering is alive and wellThe Huffington Post explains how the Democrats actually received over .5 million more votes yet still lost the elections.

The Weekly Sift goes through the Republican defeat by the numbers. You can find analysis anywhere, but I like how he closes in particular. A call to arms (or rather reality) for conservatives (the author being fairly left himself) is a nice touch.

Also, Dear PETA, Shut the fuck up. Sincerely, Maggie Mayhem. (I keep falling more in love with this woman the more of her shit I read)


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