Nano Count: 6360

Shuffle Says “Children Go Where I Send Thee” Natalie Merchant, Retrospective

This week has been freakin weird. Weird dreams, weird interpersonal shit, weird work stuff, and mostly I’ve just been in a weird headspace. Anyhoo here’s some stuff.

An educational Thanksgiving from Rock, Paper, Cynic.

Family Recipes for that special time of the year from McSweeney’s

Elodie Olson-Coons explains some alternative uses for punctuation marks

Israel and Russia are trying to start world war tres yet another Israeli attack on Palestinian civilians.

Tuns out unprotected sex has some health benefits, so be responsible…ish.

I mentioned last week how many American had some disturbing interactions with voting machines. Several more videos of this problem have been posted, calling into question how we should facilitate the voting in this country.

We are all eager to know who will direct the new Disney Star Wars movies. All the bigwigs are chomping at the bit. Including Michael Moore.

Turns out the Republicans were right. Allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military has turned our armed forces 143%  Gayer, as evidenced by the following video 


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