Not So Sunday Weak Links

Posted: 28 January, 2013 in Other, Weak Links
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Shuffle says “Me and Billy the Kid” Pat Green Live at Billy Bob’s 

Well it’s been awhile, but it being inauguration season I figure it’s time to start up again. Let’s start by catching up on a few things few people are talking about.


Because books now need trailers too, here is one for Warren Ellis’s new book Gun Machine which makes me very excited for having just bought a copy.

“If porn were high school, we would be the Goth kids” This year’s Sundance Film festival is chock full of sexiness, including James “hobgoblin” Fanco’s production of “kink” and documentary about, the worlds leading producer of BDSM porn.

-Umm… Dude.
-Bacon Pancakes
and 50 other ticks to make your life better

Look out boys! The latest and greatest birth control method is for YOU! That’s right you lucky cock-having dogs, SCIENCE! has discovered a was to install a completely harmless tube into your jizduct (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term for it) which shreds sperm on their way out, rendering your mini Michael Phelpses into limbless Stephen Hawkings. [oh and it also kills AIDS!]

While Whole Foods may be big on healthy, sustainable food sources, CEO and founder John Mackey is not such a fan of pesky things like unions and fighting climate change.

Guys, Gals, and everyone in between are quite rightly pissed about an article in The Observer just brimming with trans-hate speech. Our dear Laurie Penny chimes in and  Dan Solomon explains why bigotry is bad for the straight white and privileged (it involves space travel).

A California school teacher failed to win her lawsuit against the school district for firing her due to her past involvement with pornography.  [the link here takes you to an article with an auto play video montage of various pieces of coverage. The first of which are the women of the View. Normally I don’t care about this gaggle of old broads trying to be racy, but I find their discussion of the matter fairly irksome and sad, trivializing the fact that a hard working teacher has been barred from doing good in the world because of completely legal choices she made in the course of surviving life. I also don’t usually drop this line, but it has to be said that I feel this matter would be addressed very differently had the teacher been male.]

Vivid studios is filing its own lawsuit against California’s “Measure B” which I’ve mentioned here before.




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